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  • I participated in MHacks V, a well-known hackathon hosted at the University of Michigan. Applicants must be selected to attend due to the limited amount of space and the quality of the available engineers. Of the over 1,000 participants at that semester’s event, I was one of only 150 high school students.


  • I attended a TEDxTeen event focused on young entrepreneurship.


  • From June to August, I attended Make School‘s summer program for iOS development in Swift. Make School is a Y-Combinator funded college alternative program based in San Francisco.


  • I participated in the AngelHack and AT&T Mobile hackathons in Sunnyvale and San Francisco, CA, respectively. I also participated in these events the following year.


  • I interned for the Workflow team – a small array of young developers with an extremely successful automation/productivity application in the App Store, with the team headed by Thiel fellow and MIT drop-out, Ari Weinstein. Workflow has since been acquired by Apple and is now included on all iOS devices as the Shortcuts application.


  • I attended meetings to assist the retired members of my community in using various forms of technology.
  • I attended PennApps XII, one of the country’s first and largest hackathons hosted at the University of Pennsylvania.



  • I was accepted to PennApps XIII, but was unable to attend due to inclement weather.