An attendance application with advanced location tracking and analytics features created for my high school’s FIRST-associated robotics team.

Initial release: 2016

Features: Location tracking; granular analytics; administrative console, team-wide announcements.

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Atlas was an app I created for in-house distribution among members and coaches of my high school robotics team. It was inspired by the fact that, in the event we made it to the national competition, there was a need to be selective about which members of the team were able to come along due to the limited amount of spaces.

Atlas satisfied this need by introducing time tracking to the team, wherein a student would begin logging time when they were at a robotics meeting, and would end after they had left. It included location verification, announcements from the coaches, and other features useful for and unique to our team. The app was used throughout the duration of my tenure on FIRST Team 3950.


page.
What a member sees upon sign in.
Administrative console.
Student-specific analytics and options.