A live whiteboard application that allows users to observe and save what another user is writing in realtime.

Initial release: 2017

Features: Live updating display; ability to save writing to device; support for multiple session observers.

In high school, my teachers used iPads connected to projectors to write notes during class. In the process of scrambling to copy the notes being written, I noticed I would often not fully grasp what I was writing or what the teacher was saying. There was a conflict between trying to absorb the material and trying to copy it all down.

So, I made an app called ActiveNote, which served as a sort of live whiteboard, where other people were able to observe what was being written in realtime, with the option to save a copy to their device. Some of my teachers starting using it, and suddenly I was able to really grasp the content of the lessons without having to worry about copying it all down!


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