Trivia for Grand Theft Auto

An application designed to keep players of the classic GTA games entertained with useful tips and interesting trivia.

Initial release: 2015

Features: Formats GTA Wiki content in a pleasing way; finds articles that specifically include “Trivia” sections.

I am a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. As such, when I was younger I’d often find myself browsing the GTA Wiki for morsels of interesting information that I hadn’t previously discovered. These bits of info were almost always contained in the “Trivia” section of whatever article I happened to be reading.

The problem was, some articles didn’t have a “Trivia” section, and in that I saw an opportunity. I decided to create an app that did two things: (1) find GTA Wiki articles with “Trivia” sections, and (2) display the information in a nicely formatted way. What I didn’t know getting into it was that the GTA Wiki had no API for iOS, or for any platform for that matter. So I ended up having to write my own web scraper to accomplish my goals, and though it was hard work, I succeeded.


Splash screen.
Initial page.
Display of an article.