A daily fitness challenge app where one competes with their friends to beat other teams.

Initial release: 2021

Features: Push notifications; fully-featured content management system; backend linked between Firebase and Airtable for ease of access to metadata.

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In the winter of 2020, I worked as a freelancer on an app called Mulu. The idea was to build a competitive and cooperative fitness challenge application that would allow users to compete against their friends to earn the most points.

Users were placed on teams, which were members of tournaments. Each tournament had a specified number of challenges to complete before the end date, and whichever team earned the most points (i.e. completed the most challenges) won the tournament.

I was the sole developer getting the project from ideation to MVP, which I accomplished in 1.5 months. I used Firebase as a backend, but linked it through the use of cronjobs to an Airtable spreadsheet so that team leaders would more easily be able to post, edit, and update the content in the app. A fully-featured content management system (CMS) was also baked-in to the app for updating content on the fly.