A one-time file sharing service that allows users to have one permanent ID for all files they share.

Initial release: 2017

Features: File encryption; access codes.

BYBIT (as in “bit by bit”) was an app I created for in-house distribution within my debate team in high school. We often needed to share individual files with one another, and we had been originally doing that through e-mail. Needless to say, this wasn’t a very efficient method. Other services offered better ways of sharing files, but they ended up being overly complicated for our needs.

BYBIT aimed to solve this problem by offering a very simple way to upload and download files. Each user would have a permanent “file-space ID” corresponding to their account, and when they uploaded a file, it could be downloaded using the file-space ID. The idea was that since we only ever needed to share one file at a time, the static file-space ID could serve as a sort of “one stop shop” for any file uploaded by a particular user (i.e. the file itself could be updated, but the ID would always stay the same).


Early version demoing file-space ID generation.
Home page.
Each file has a settable access code.